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We are a community devoted to Natural Law for the good of all mankind, past, present, and future

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Foundational practices for wellbeing & vitality  

Depth Subconscious Journeying

Myofascial Bodywork

Fascia Synergy Movement Method

Fascia Self-Care Training

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Members are guided to restore peaceful relations with the body and mind through Guided Depth Imagery and Myofascial Bodywork.

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Explore embodiment skills and depth subconscious journeying to create a strong foundation for healing and internal growth.

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  • Stephan


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    Myofascial Offerings

    Replenish and revitalize the body through self-care practices, movement repatterning and tissue remodelling.


    • Improve communication within all body systems
    • Enriche circulation and nerve conductivity
    • Optimize motor control and functionality
  • Ariane


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    Depth Subconscious Journeying

    Explore deep Theta state journeying for internal growth right at the root level.


    • Inner peace & clarity of mind
    • Healthy inner dialogues
    • New harmonious multi-generational patterns
  • Testimonials

    "Stephan excels at building a rapport by creating an environment that promotes success and competence. He also does a great job of presenting information in a way that is relevant and appealing, in order to promote understanding."
    -Dave Watt

    “I have worked with Ariane for almost two years. Her integrity and insights into the non-physical realms are exceptional. She encourages me to trust myself and corroborates the feelings and images that I see when we have a session. Her joy and love of the work that she does shines brightly.”
    -Kimi N.

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    We are honored to support you on your path of wellbeing

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    Join us and support the movement back to the Earth, health, harmony and inner peace

    • Embody commited heart-led leadership
    • Learn about and align with the principles of Natural Law 
    • Preservation and acknowledgment of ancestral origins 
    • Work privately with inspired global community builders